On 15 December we had the opportunity to participate in the presentation of the strategic lines of the new Business Centre for the municipality of Galdakao. From NAIDER we have assisted the Department of Economic Promotion and Employment of the City Council in defining the objectives and areas of action of this new Centre that aims to boost the productive fabric of Galdakao. Thus, the main objective of the Business Centre is to boost the economic development of Galdakao by supporting its companies, strengthening and expanding the capabilities and activities developed by the Economic Promotion Department of the City Council, taking advantage of local innovation and training capabilities, improving and modernising industrial estates, and deploying a collaborative governance model with the participation of the main entities of the municipality related to business development.

The event was attended by members of the City Council government team, including the mayor, teaching staff from the Andra Mari Vocational Training Centre and the Galdakao Hospitality School, as well as various representatives of companies that have collaborated with NAIDER in identifying areas of action for the Business Centre. The day was also used to develop an interesting working dynamic to prioritise the areas of action in which the Centre is expected to start working next year.