Yesterday, October 26th, Naider was present at the Cities of the Future Congress held at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and organized by EL CORREO, moderating the round table “Infrastructures 2022: Innovation, Sustainability and transport hubs”.

Haizea Aguirre Puértolas, Senior Urban Planner at NAIDER Local and Territorial Economics and Sustainability was the moderator of the round table with the participation of María Pilar Górriz Ramón, Innovation Manager at Renfe, Enrique Gómez Cristóbal, Director of the Consultancy and New Technologies Department at SENER, and Jon Ansoleaga Ugarte, General Manager of Eraikune, Basque Construction Cluster.

In the conversation, the participants made a preliminary analysis of the state of innovation in the built environment – infrastructure and building – highlighting the challenges that society is facing in this area, and then delved into the trends or proposals that their respective organizations are developing as drivers of innovation processes. Emphasis was placed on the need for optimal public-private collaboration to successfully channel the boom in European funds and all the money being injected into sustainability, digitalization and energy transition.

The final block of the talk focused on the importance of involving citizens in innovation and digitalization to ensure that no one is left behind in the process. To conclude, the three speakers made their forecasts, quite optimistic, about what they believe the cities of the future will be like in the short (2030) and medium term (2050).