From 1 to 11 February the participary process Project Ensanche Eco-district Entrepreneurial Eco-district is open. We are carrying it out in the framework of the Study of energy rehabilitation and urban regeneration on the blocks of Ensanche XIX commissioned by the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The project seeks to recover the role of the centre as a central scenario for the economic, social, environmental and cultural impulse of the city. To this end, revitalisation opportunities are being identified and assessed related to four main axes: Economic Activation, Knowledge and Talent, Urban Regeneration and Participation and Governance.

The participatory process began on Thursday 1 with an informative-participatory session open to the citizens of Vitoria-Gasteiz and to public and private agents of interest. During the session, NAIDER had the opportunity to briefly explain the progress of the project, before moving on to the participatory phase. The participants were divided into working groups of between 6 and 7 people, and with the help of a map of the Ensanche and sticky notes, they identified opportunities related to the four axes of the project: economic activation, knowledge and talent, urban regeneration, and governance and participation.

On the same day, a public exhibition was inaugurated, consisting of informative-participative panels that allow visitors to learn about the project and contribute ideas and proposals. The exhibition will be open until the 11th.

On the morning of Monday 5th, our colleague Haizea Aguirre Puértolas, Principal Town Planner at NAIDER, had the opportunity to take part in the programme Radio Vitoria Gaur with Aratz Goikoetxea (min 0:30) in which she spoke about the project as a whole, encouraging the participation of citizens.

The participatory process continues until 11 February, with different ways of participating:

  • Visiting the exhibition and contributing with ideas and proposals.
  • Attending the discussions organised by the Ensanche XIX Association, which will address the future of the Ensanche from an economic, commercial, urban and cultural point of view. The talks will take place between 5 and 8 February in the Sala Amárica, from 19:00 to 20:30.
  • Those who cannot attend in person can fill in the online survey or send an email to