On 17 February, our colleague Aitor Mingo, as part of his year of experiences and growth in South America, gave a workshop on blue infrastructure to the residents of Cerro Delicias in Valparaíso, Chile.

This workshop was part of the three training weeks of the itinerant school organised by Ciclica.

These workshops are part of a project for the reconstruction and recovery of a house and its surrounding land, #LaCasaEnPie. Various workshops were organised where the community could participate, with topics such as landscape design and recovery, bio-construction construction techniques, rainwater retention and management, greywater phyto-purification, among others.

In the workshop given by our colleague, the neighbours were able to learn about the different elements and concepts that make up the blue infrastructure of a city.

In addition, they were able to apply it to their personal context as they were taken on a tour of the neighbourhood. Participants were able to walk through their street with a critical eye, analysing the places of runoff and overflow of water.

Based on their citizen knowledge, the most critical spaces were identified and a series of measures were proposed for each section of the street, which were then transferred to a digital map.

The residents left the workshop enthusiastic and eager to implement certain transformations with their own resources, but also willing to organise themselves in order to present projects to the council.

A very enriching day that added to the whole training and community building process around #LaCasaEnPie.