Naider has provided technical assistance for the process of improving the functioning of the Bilbao Women’s Council. After participating in the construction of the participatory processes during the elaboration of the municipal ordinance of equality between Women and Men of Bilbao, the City Council has once again trusted us. Yesterday we concluded the task of planning and conducting the process. Throughout the last year, work has been carried out that has allowed us to get to know and get closer to different realities and groups of women who live and work in the village. This personalized accompaniment has sought, on the one hand, to learn about the diverse realities and demands of women’s and feminist groups; and on the other hand, it has sought the involvement of the feminist movement and women’s associations of Bilbao to advance in the consolidation and promotion of the Women’s Council in an effective way.

Yesterday this phase ended with a meeting where all the associations shared their vision and expectations regarding the Council. From this it was seen that the women of Bilbao have the desire and predisposition to continue advancing and in a coordinated manner in the consolidation of this Council.

Now they are the ones who will crew this ship to bring the demands and the situation of Bilbao women to a better port.

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