One more year since Naider we have introduced ourselves to the Hazitek call to bet on innovation and the development of new products that add value in the territory.

Last year we focused on the development of an intuitive modeling tool that allows, on the one hand, to know the current position of cities and municipalities in the field of sustainable development and, at the same time, to study potential scenarios future that facilitate political decision-making by public administrations with respect to urban and territorial planning.

This year we have opted for the development of a tool that will allow the diagnosis of health environment of a city such as the quality of air, noise, climate, mobility, green areas… In addition, the tool seeks to facilitate the strategic decision making to improve the current state and encourage more sustainable and resilient urban environments.

Both tools are compatible and complementary. As a whole they will allow us to offer a service to cities and municipalities that seek to advance in their development sustainability and environmental health.