Naider collaborates with the Basque Innovation Agency in the calculation of the global R&D expenditure made by Basque agents in the financial year 2023 and its estimation for the current financial year 2024.

INNOBASQUE, the Basque Innovation Agency carries out the advance estimate of the R&D expenditure made by the Basque Science-Technology-Business System as a whole on an annual basis. This year the estimate for 2023 will be updated and the Advance R&D Indicator will be estimated for 2024.

The estimate is made on the basis of an econometric calculation methodology consolidated over the years, which makes it possible to overcome the lag weighed down by public statistics and to have advance information on R&D investment in order to gain a better understanding of the reality of Basque R&D in each financial year. This advance information on the R&D investment commitment of the Basque system as a whole helps to fine-tune the management and orientation of the country’s innovation policies at any given time.

Over time, R&D investment has been estimated annually since 2017 with a very significant level of precision with respect to the data provided by the statistics. The calculation is made by applying a model developed and updated annually by Naider, the results of which also incorporate a qualitative exercise of perception and analysis of the investment expected by the country’s major R&D agents.