The Basque Government offers a A series of grants aimed at Town Halls and other local entities, so that they can carry out projects and actions related to sustainable development. The deadline to request them is about to end, we invite you not to miss this opportunity.

These aids allow carrying out plans, programs and projects in different areas of sustainability such as Climate Change, Soil Contamination, Natural Heritage, Circular Economy and Education for Sustainability. All of them interesting subjects in which we are willing to collaborate if you need technical assistance. It is an opportunity to develop municipal Climate Change Adaptation Plans; carry out training actions for companies in the municipality in the area of ​​Circular Economy or coordinate local Agendas 21 and school Agendas 21 together with the creation of the new Local Agenda 2030.

At Naider we are prepared to carry out technical assistance for this type of task and willing to collaborate with those that occur to you. For any questions or proposals, do not hesitate to contact us at