Baby-boom of companies in August

The creation of companies increased during August for the third consecutive month so far this year to 5,706 constitutions, according to data from the National Statistics Institute. These positive data somewhat make up the annual data; Comparing the first eight months of the 2014 financial years with those of 2015, those of the latter would have fallen by up to 0.3%.

The services with the highest rate of company creation during the first eight months of the year have been commerce, construction and business services, in that order. In terms of investment, it is worth noting the significant increase in construction, reaching 1,800 million euros in August alone, which implies an increase of 92% compared to the amount invested in the same month of the previous year.

On the other hand, and on a negative note, we must point out the decline in both creation and investment suffered by businesses related to high technology, reaching only 3,135 million euros in those eight months.

By region, Madrid is the autonomous community that has seen the creation of more companies with 13,254 new companies, followed by Catalonia and Andalusia.

The creation of companies is a piece of information that is highly taken into account by economic analysts since it can be a fairly reliable thermometer for investors to measure confidence in a country’s economy.