jail 1Before the arrival of this crisis there were few, the lucky ones of conscience, who warned about the gradual degradation of the citizen condition. Today, fewer are those who sing the “mea culpa” and many who point an accusing finger at the presumed precursors of the hurricane.

Over the last three decades we have gradually allowed the economy to govern the markets to the detriment of fundamental ethical principles and the apparently solid foundations of European democracies. During this time, there have been many individuals who, surely trusting in the unshakability of these fundamental principles, have responded time and time again to the gaps that were being caused: “it doesn’t matter who governs”, “everyone is equal”, ” It’s like that, what are we going to do!”, “totally, it doesn’t matter” “what are you going to change?”,…
The dreamers trusted in the convening power of the Internet, also in the ability to share and dialogue that social networks allow and, more than ever, in the collaborative environments that the network fosters, wherever you are. Unfortunately, it all ended up being a dream.

The solid foundations on which our civilization was built have cracked and the market has managed to impose its law. A law that right now “governs” our lives with ruthless firmness and under the tyranny of a world economic crisis to which we have to add another financial crisis over the Iberian lands.
Under this implacable yoke, thousands of voices have begun to rise up and call attention to numerous problems, imperfections, mamoneos and various chorizos,… and in general expressing whatever their opinion may be.

Among all the communications, articles, demonstrations, banners,… that we are seeing these days, those in which the culprits are pointed out stand out.

Citizenship Demonstration July 2012 Crisis

  • “The fault lies with the banks and bankers”
  • “It’s a problem we didn’t create”
  • “It’s the legacy of the previous government’s fault”
  • “Let the bank pay for it”
  • “Prison for those who have reached into the box”
  • “Once again, they make us pay for the mistakes of others”
  • “Everybody go to jail”
  • “Let the rich pay for it”

And many others that, unfortunately, we will have the opportunity to continue listening to.
Of course, I have to say that of the messages that are heard these days, the only ones that I cannot agree with are all those that point to a black hand, some conspiring gods or a Mega-corporation led by a man more like Burns, of being the architects of this crisis.

What seems clear is that we have evolved from a situation of globalized social conformism to an active demonstration by citizens.

Alberto Muñoz PhraseAssuming that This activation as citizens is totally beneficial for the recovery of the battered “democratic” health of this society in which we live. I believe that the search for culprits is born from an internal and particular need to exonerate ourselves guilt. What guilt?

Many times with reason, other times full of indignation and most of all exercising the corresponding right to tantrum, the voices that accuse politicians as the cancer of our days do not cease to populate the social networks, the streets and the squares of our cities. . In response, politicians are busy blaming past governments for today’s ills.Citizen Demonstration July 2012But they also affirm that the medicines that are applied come directly from the prescriptions that doctors in the European Union prescribe for us. These, in turn, scold us as a country, since it remains clear that for years we have been doing it terribly wrong and therefore there is no other choice but to control our deficit and reduce private debt by forced marches, thus giving a good slap on the bench. The bankers in suits affirm that the banks are not to blame, and that the problem comes from the boxes. These, populated by politicians, hardly give explanations, but in their case they point to the Bank of Spain as amending the problem. Also in the few interventions that have allowed the regulatory body, it claims to have no greater power to act than the one granted by the executive branch. And the executive, camouflaged in rallies, regional congresses and other party parties, leads the conversation talking about the excesses of some autonomies.

In short, an endless circle, a “that I wasn’t, that it was Panchín,…“.

We must be aware that EVERYONE, to a greater or lesser extent, has our share of guilt. You too! Let’s clarify, yes, but let’s stop, now, playing “I wasn’t it”. No time to lose. Let us return to self-criticism, let us demand a strong discipline discipline when thinking and evaluating this situation, let us value the alternatives and proposals >, and let us be rigorous and diligent when translating them into daily life.

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