Sharing space

Humanizing and making cities more livable and comfortable places is a key objective of the 21st century, among many others. For this reason, the Dutch traffic engineer Hans Monderman has proposed a model or city system called “shared space” in which cars, bicycles and pedestrians coexist without the classic barriers that separate them from each other.

This system, already used in cities such as Bohmte in Germany or drachten in the Netherlands, thus aims to create safer spaces despite giving the opposite impression. In this sense, Hans Monderman seeks that all the actors who circulate on the street are aware of their environment and interact with it.

For these cities without curbs, traffic lights or pedestrian crossings to function, a deep responsibility is needed on the part of the citizens, which is why, as many traffic experts warn, not all cities or societies are yet prepared for what seems to be the model of the city of the future.