A brand of milk somewhat more expensive than the others in its category, with the suggestive name C’est qui le patron? (Who’s the boss?), is reinforcing an important presence on the shelves of French supermarkets. What makes it different from the other brands? Both its price and its manufacturing conditions have been determined by consumers to guarantee fair remuneration to farmers, as explained by El País Semanal and The Voice of Galicia.

During the summer of 2016, up to 6,850 Internet users filled out an online survey to establish questions such as the percentage of price destined for the producer, the type of packaging to be used, the suppliers of the cows’ feed, or the absence of transgenics . As a result, a tetra brik was obtained about ten cents more expensive than the others (at €0.99), which means between €4 and €5 more spending per year for the consumer, but which ensures the viability of the retail activity. the ranchers. The sale of a brik of C’est qui le patron? it provides 39 cents to the producer, which contrasts with the 27 cents that reach farmers in conventional brands.

Two months after it went on sale, Carrefour had already sold six million liters of the charity brand, which led other supermarkets such as Intermarché or Alcampo to add it to their shelves. Thanks to the initiative, several livestock farms have been saved from closure, for example 50 farms on the verge of bankruptcy in the La Bresse region.