Electric_bicycle_1594050766_4a814bf237_z: src=Electric bicycles are increasingly playing a leading role in the market. Those who do not love sports or who justify using the car so as not to get to work sweaty, no longer have an excuse. Unlike motorcycles that are only propelled by the engine, in electric bicycles, in addition to pedaling, it is helped by the propulsion of an electric motor. How many times have we heard that in cities with steep slopes it is impossible to ride a bike? One of the functions of the electric motor is to avoid these problems, propelling us when it is time to climb a hill.

Despite the fact that electric bikes have been around since the late 1990s, stores have been incorporating them very little by little. Especially in the United States, where sales of this type of bicycle are very low. According to The Guardian, Pizzi, the CEO of the main company from USA e-bikes Currie Technologies, expects this to change and sales to increase in the coming years.

For now, the main buyer of this type of vehicle is the Chinese, according to the study carried out by Navigant Research. They are followed by some European countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland or Germany where postal workers use them.

Brands like Trek, Specialized or BMW already offer this type of model and leave behind the habit of classic brands of not incorporating these mechanisms to their bikes. The main problem is in the price of these bicycles that to get a fairly decent one, you have to spend more than 1,000 dollars. Which makes it only affordable for people able to afford it and regardless of the maintenance it would entail.

More worrying is that the countries where these bicycles are used the most are flat countries in which the bicycle culture is already established. Ideally, this way of moving around large cities would be implemented in cities and countries with steeper slopes where movement with conventional bicycles is more difficult. Not only that, e-bike bans in cities like New York make things difficult. The truth is that the invention is innovative and sustainable but a consensus is needed and that everyone row in the same direction so that they adapt correctly. You could start by building more bike lanes and infrastructures where you can park them. It sounds simple, but today cycling is not easy in the vast majority of cities. Despite everything, manufacturing companies are optimistic about it and hope to face the obstacles.