The new paradigm of journalism

Looking back a bit, we can say that there have never been so many businesses in history, although it is also true that there have never been so many business opportunities before. The digital age has been born with opportunities under its arm, a long arm that also overshadows more traditional businesses, we are talking about journalism. To be more exact from newspapers. Paper newspapers. The traditional news media is living murky hours, plunged into an ideological crisis, it is undergoing a revolution from which it can only die, or else emerge greatly strengthened.

In the words of Jose Luis Orihuela, professor at the Faculty of Communication at the University of Navarra “I believe that the central debate is not between the written press and the online press, but between traditional media converted into digital media versus native digital media and the explosion of the social web. Traditional media have joined the social web for strategic reasons, although they lack conviction and preparation to do it well”.

It seems that the digital media have no choice but to assume the changing times and adapt to the digital age, either through their own portals or through social networks, reaching agreements with them. A whole paradigm that only time will solve.