Surfers with such a busy work life they can’t even get their wetsuits off are in luck. The brand Quiksilver has produced a neoprene suit that allows you to go surfing and to work. Using state-of-the-art technology, senior executives have been able to enjoy surfing.

Very high charges must be because the most affordable suits do not drop below 2,500 dollars. The main reason for creating these suits has been to combat the lack of time that the world of work entails and thus be able to go directly to the beach without going home. The shirt that we see in the images is also special, it is made with the fabric Dry Flight (technology from 3M and QuikSilver), water repellent. The tie is created with materials that get along well with water and we can find them in the black, navy, and tuxedo models.

The suits of a lifetime that have always been expensive to remove are no longer an excuse when surfing. Or maybe yes, and it is that among the drawbacks that we find is its thickness, which with only 2 millimeters does not seem very suitable for cold winter days in which true surfers also get wet. Undoubtedly, a great innovation, which is not very clear if its objective is to become marketable (High prices and little utility in winter) one day or simply a brand strategy to be noticed in the market and demonstrate the quality of its technology.