In recent years the concept and approach of Nature Based Solutions (SBN) have taken a significant presence in the urban fabric and its design. The NBS are understood as approaches, actions or processes that use the principles of nature to solve different problems related to territorial and urban management such as adaptation to climate change, management of resources, water, food security.

From Naider, we have been working in this line with different initiatives and projects, among which we highlight the study that we are going to carry out, together with the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies , on the economic benefits of the implementation of SBN in flood management in urban environments.

As part of this collaboration we have made a previous study on relevant agents in promoting NBS, quantitative reports and qualitative, tools, case studies and projects. Next, We leave some of the most interesting results as a source of information and reference:


Basque Environmental Agency (IHOBE)

Basque Water Agency (URA)

Basque Center for Climate Change (BC3)


Geographical indicators for the Climate Change in the Basque Country (EN/ ESP)

GIS layers (see floodings 10, 100, 500 years)

Cadastre Economic value, of buildings (see Errenteria, Pasaia, Lezo, Oiartzun) (ENG)


Evaluation of the impact of climatic factors on the rise in sea level on the Basque coast (ESP)
Nature based solutions for adaptation to climate change in the local area of ​​the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (EN/ ESP)
Climate resilience of the energy sector in the Basque Country (chapter 7.3 economic damages) (EN/ ENG)

Assessment of vulnerability and risk to climate change in the municipalities of the Basque Country (EN/ENG)

Competitiveness and climate change in the Basque Country (EN/ ESP)
Citizen attitudes towards the environment (ENG)


Climate change adaptation guide for organisations (see Methodology to prioritize climate change adaptation measures)


– Selection of nature based solutions. Good practices in the Basque Autonomous Community (EN/ESP)

Climate Change in Basque Country. 28 good practices (EN/ESP)

How to improve resilience to climate change in the municipalities of the Basque Country. The case of Donostia / San Sebastián and Tolosa (ESP)








Network nature

EU platform