The European Commission has opened the deadline to present nomination for the European Capital of Innovation Award 2020. The purpose of the prize is to reward the most innovative urban ecosystem whose practices serve as a reference model. Cities that have developed and implemented innovative policies; they have facilitated citizen participation in the search for solutions and decision-making; they have increased the attractiveness of the city for entrepreneurs, high-level talent and investors; and have opened up to networking and collaborating with others.

Cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants are eligible. The winning city receives one million euros. In addition, the 5 cities declared runners-up for their disruptive innovation practices receive a prize of €100,000, and an additional 12 finalist cities will be included in an ad-hoc network to showcase their experience and exchange practices, initiatives, ideas and innovations.

Applications can be submitted until June 23, 2020. The call rules can be consulted here.