At Naider we talk about innovation in management and new forms of governance based on the participation of people in decision-making when we try to renew the role of a company in crisis to strengthen its contribution of value and, ultimately, move forward as a business project.

Spanish democracy, a social start-up still very embryonic in historical terms, needs to enter into a “second round of capitalization” that brings new energy and new values; reformulate some of its non-competitive products and establish some of the pillars that will give the project a democratic and social body on solid foundations.

The abdication of Juan Carlos I is an opportunity to take another step in the construction of a new State model. A new social contract built and endorsed by the citizens, sole depositories of 100% of the company shares. A contract that ensures maximum shielding against the tyrannies of unemployment and ignorance; incorporate the concepts of sustainability and ecological responsibility; and establish representative, open and transparent institutions. A contract that promotes the construction of a freer, more participatory and democratic Europe and that naturally collects and encourages, as part of the project itself, the energy of many Basques and Catalans to build their own spin-offs in their own way. A project that restores citizen confidence in their institutions and neutralizes interference from powerful groups.

A social and sustainable republic in the Europe of the 21st century.