Yesterday 4th July, NAIDER accompanied the business association ASLE at the launch meeting of the CICLO Project (Circular Global Challenge: Circular Business Profile & Circular Roadmap) for the promotion of circularity and decarbonisation in multi-sectoral industrial SMEs. The meeting, attended by representatives of the nine companies participating in the project, served to explain the details of the programme, the methodology to be used by NAIDER and the development phases.

The CICLO project, which will run until 30 April 2024, consists of two main phases. In the first phase, the Circular Business Profile, the circular maturity profile of each of the companies involved will be established. Subsequently, in a second phase called Circular Roadmap, an ad hoc circular roadmap will be developed for each company and implementation will start. In parallel, NAIDER will carry out awareness-raising and training activities with the aim of providing all stakeholders with the necessary tools to implement on their path towards circularity and decarbonisation.

Our thanks to Engranajes Grindel S.A.L. for hosting us in their Elgoibar facilities and to the rest of participating companies: LEBER Planificación e Ingeniería, S.A., GZ PRINTEK S.A.L., MECANIZADOS DE PRECISIÓN BELMEK S.L.L., ANTZA, S.A.L., Zorrotz Legazpi sll, GEHIBER MACHINED COMPONENTS SAL, CONATEC SAL and FABRICACION METALES DUROS SAL.