After a few weeks of CONAMA (May 31 -June 3) from NAIDER we want to share with you our reflections and key points to highlight.

CONAMA went back to being “normal”, face-to-face format and exchange of greetings and conversations between different attendees, experts, speakers and institutions. An “almost back to normal”, but still something more shy and with a more careful contact.

However, among the main topics that were discussed and the relevance with which they were analyzed, we can provide our own headline of the 4 days of congress: CONAMA showed that it is time for energy transition, it is time for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, it is time for sustainable and habitable cities; and it is a time of confluence between economy and environment.

Naider participated with his project of Naturalization of the industrial estates of the Peñas de Aia ecological corridorJaizkibel co-financed by the Foundation Biodiversity of the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITECO), through which he shared experiences, lessons learned and possible future collaborations with INDNATUR and its Interreg project between Spain and Portugal on SBN applied in two industrial zones (Valladolid and Braganza).

Likewise, we attended interesting presentations on communities energy and rehabilitation of buildings; shared application experiences of nature-based solutions as a way to mitigate and adapt to the climate change; we talk about habitability and health in our cities together experts of various kinds; and we attended the table on financial products green, as well as the presentations on climate risks and their impact on the finances. A whole present in which work, create alliances and opportunities to advance in the horizon of the environmental protection and climate change. As always, CONAMA a space of reference, talent and collaboration to build the future in the that we want to live

In future posts we will delve into some of the themes and initiatives that we found most suggestive and interesting. You We will keep you informed!