NASUVINSA, the housing and urban planning company of the Government of Navarre, will have the technical assistance of NAIDER to analyse and assess the impact of the actions being developed in the framework of the LIFE-IP NAdapta-CC project for the adaptation to climate change in the region, specifically of the measures implemented in action C6.

The impact assessment will be carried out using the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) methodology that NAIDER has developed based on various international reference frameworks and has applied in various projects and interventions, including LIFE IP initiatives. CBA provides a picture of the overall benefits versus the costs of the investment, thus facilitating decision-making in this type of projects.

The LIFE-IP NAdapta-CC project is the integrated strategy for adaptation to Climate Change in Navarre. The project seeks to anticipate the changes that may occur through the development of adaptation measures that limit the negative effects of these changes and, as far as possible, take advantage of the positive impacts.