After the first year of the SCORE – Smart Control of the Climate Resilience in European Coastal Cities, last week we attended the consortium meeting in Sligo, Ireland. Hosted by the coordination of the project, Atlantic Technological University, the consortium meeting was attended by 28 institutional partners from 12 European countries. During the three days the consortium meeting lasted, we had the opportunity to celebrate the completed milestones and activities of the project and further discuss the plans for the next year.

In detail, during this first year, Naider staff, along with IHSEnoll and Erinn have been working on the coastal city living labs’ design, implementation, and evaluation. As a result, the Pilot Operational Plans that will guide the 10 coastal cities participating in the project have been established.

Apart from that, our team has also contributed to the socio-economic assessment methods for ecosystem-based adaptation (EBA) and other strategies.

We look forward to keep working on this project in the following three years! Stay tuned for the upcoming updates!