In order to comply with Law 4/2019 on Energy Sustainability of the Basque Autonomous Community, Naider has provided assistance to the Provincial Council of Bizkaia (DFB) for the preparation of the General Energy Action Plan established by this Law for public administrations.

The plan includes a first section with the inventories and energy consumption of the buildings, facilities and mobile fleet owned by the DFB from 2016 to 2021, followed by an analysis and diagnosis of the same to set the base year of reference from which to consider the reduction targets established by the Law.

The following section defines the Energy Action Units in which the plan will be articulated and the action plan, which includes 41 actions categorised into four groups, detailing the department responsible, the timeframe, the objective, description and budget allocated to the action, as well as the monitoring indicators. Finally, the plan includes the plans for audits, training and monitoring, as well as the energy saving scenarios envisaged, and ends with the plan’s monitoring and evaluation system.

Thus, the preparation of the PGAE has been framed within a participatory process and is positioned as the roadmap that will serve the DFB to comply with the Energy Sustainability Law of the Basque Autonomous Community and its objectives for the 2030 horizon.