Promoting Circularity and Decarbonisation in Multi-Sector Industrial SMEs

For more than two centuries, the global economy has relied on mass production, resource depletion and short consumption cycles. However, this linear model has proved inefficient and threatens the planet’s capacity. In a context of economic crises, pandemics, geopolitical instability and environmental problems, the Circular Economy emerges as a solid alternative to the ‘extract, produce, consume and dispose’ paradigm.

In this context, the initiative ‘CICLO: Circular Business Profile & Circular Roadmap’, supported by the SME Circular Programme of the Basque Government and ASLE, was born. Eight industrial companies have participated in this initiative. The main objective of the nine-month project has been to incorporate the Circular Economy into the strategy and operations of these industrial SMEs, promoting their decarbonisation. To achieve this, the tools developed by Naider to promote circularity and decarbonisation in multisectoral industrial SMEs were applied.

After recruiting companies together with ASLE, each company has been accompanied through a specific circularity maturity diagnosis and the design of the roadmap for the circularisation and progressive decarbonisation of the company in its sector of activity. In a second phase, the initial implementation of some of the pilot projects identified in the roadmaps has been carried out.

In parallel to the specific support for companies, complementary communication, awareness-raising and training actions have been carried out, as well as the analysis of funding mechanisms for the processes and initiatives set out in the roadmaps.