Service approach

Prepare institutional and territorial perception studies. Specialized in innovation, economy and environment.


The fundamental objective of the work is to provide a monitoring and analysis service of the situation and perspectives in matters such as:

  • Science, Technology and Innovation System
  • Energy Transition
  • Climate Change
  • Circular Economy
  • Innovation from the Business Fabric

The Service will allow qualified information to be obtained to help the Public Administrations and the group of agents of the system in making strategic decisions. Institutional perception studies serve as a basis for providing information and connecting the existing ecosystems around the different themes with society as a whole. Among others, it enables:

  • To obtain qualitative and early information on the situation and perspectives of the different subjects (R+D+i, the energy transition, circular economy, etc.) through consultation and contrast with a panel of experts selected from Naider and those responsible for the territory.
  • To count on a qualitative diagnosis complementary to the existing ones based on statistical and quantitative data.
  • In case of maintaining continuity, it allows knowing the evolution of the perception of the system by comparing the results obtained with previous editions.

Author of the main picture: Sergei Gussev, Flickr