NAIDER supported yesterday with its presence the launch of a new pole of competitiveness and business innovation in Durangaldea (Bizkaia). The so-called “Durangaldeko Ekogarapen Gunea” is a multidimensional space that will bring together different proposals linked to higher education (both Vocational and University-level), innovative entrepreneurship and support for industrial and business development in Durangaldea.

The space is located in the municipality of Durango, head of one of the largest industrial districts in the Basque Country, and takes advantage of disused industrial facilities to regenerate and recover an urban environment with high development potential.

In addition to Dek’s leadership, Durangaldeko Ekogarapen Zentroa has the strategic and financial support of the main public institutions in the country: the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Government, through the Departments of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment and Education, Universities and Research.

Durangaldeko Ekogarapen Gunea is one of the star projects of DEK (, a public-private initiative to boost competitiveness and business creation in Durangaldea. Dek is integrated by the local administrations of the region, by the association of companies of the Durangaldean region, by the technological center Azterlan and by the three Vocational Training centers existing in Durangaldea.

With our commitment and expertise in local and territorial development, from NAIDER we have had the opportunity to make our contribution to the configuration of DEK and the design of its business plan and activity.